Apr 27, 2008

Photo gear on a bike

I have difficulties parting with my big SLR camera and multiple lenses on bike trips. So, far, I've carried it in a handlebar bag (Arkel small bag) and put extra lenses and accessories in the panniers. Not very practical. there are larger handlebar bag but they're too flimsy or heavy and expensive. Off the bike, they aren't the most comfortable either, especially on hiking trails. That meant I carried a small backpack for hikes. I figured why use a handlebar bag and carry a backpack when I can just use the backpack as bar bag? Well, I just did and it works great so far.

All you need is a front rack with a platform. Here's a Surly Nice Rack. It's nice indeed, and massive. Those who like big racks will love it.

A photo bag or backpack with small clip straps, depending on your bag. I use a Lowepro Orion Trekker. It has both photo and non-photo compartment. Pretty handy. No rain cover though.

There's clip so the bag can be closed with the zipper. I use it to secure the bag to the rack:

The waist strap is clipped between the top and down tubes. MAKE SURE THE EXTRA STRAP LENGTH IS TUCKED AWAY AND OUT OF THE WHEEL!!!

The shoulder straps are looped trought the bag's top handle so they stay out of the wheel and form a nice loop for one more attachment point:

I might add some extra padding under the bag, either inside the bag or over the rack, because I don't like the photo gear banging on the rack with each bump.

VoilĂ !

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