Mar 23, 2008

New site

The new borealphoto has arrived! Short of a few tweaks, the "new site" is now online. What's new exactly? Here's a quick rundown:
  • Site is hosted at Smugmug, an extremely powerful photo hosting website.
  • Visitors can buy prints and downloads. Prints are made from the full-size jpegs uploaded.
  • Keyboard navigation. In any gallery, use the arrow keys to navigate from photo to photo. This is something I've wanted since I've had a website.
  • The "lightbox". In any gallery, click on the large photo on the right to trigger the lightbox. You can navigate using arrow keys.
  • Stretchy. The number of thumbnails and size of images are displayed accrding to your browser's window size. For the largest size available, reduce the number of toolbars and press F11. Use the lightbox as well!
  • Maps. I just looooove playing with maps so past and future bike trips will be mapped with routes, infos and photos. A map with the location of some non-biking photos was added as well. More will come.
Among the adjustments that still need to be done is the "recent photos" page. The last upload shows up last so until I find a fix, you'll have to click on the ">>" the get to the last page and see the latest photo upload.

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