Aug 25, 2007

Getting away with bad light

The usual composition advice under flat light is to crop out the sky, get close and photograph the details. Nothing wrong with that and that's what I did here:

Unfortunately, when documenting a bicycle trip, it forces you to skip part of the story. The Ste-Anne basilica is an immense church and I wanted to show that. Photographing it from the front meant including a large part of the featureless sky. So instead of shooting the front and trash the picture later, I found some trees to shoot from underneath:

Those trees solved a few problems: the spire on the right is partly cropped out and there are converging lines. The trees distract the viewer from those problems. The trees also add a graphic element filling up the empty sky. I did the same thing in the following photograph, although the problem was that I only had a very wide angle. It's not great photography but it's usable.

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