Jul 15, 2007

No more film and Nikon 70-300 VR


I shot my last film last week in Jacques-Cartier park near Quebec City. I was hoping to see some moose but no luck. I did see a few grouses with chicks. I'm still waiting for the film to be developped. I think the best shots will be some canoeist riding down some rapids.

I've been wanting to lighten my equipment for some time and finally deceided to seel most of my stuff to make it managable for cycling trips. Everything is sold already except for a couple of Lowepro bags and a 300/2.8 manual. I got a 70-300 because I still want to photograph the odd critter. Nice lens. I wish I had gotten it a week earlier for this mouse that was moving its youngs across the driveway at work. Focusing manually wasn't easy. It's rare to see a mouse in the open, nevermind with a young! The adult would lead them until the edge of the drivewa7y and then take them on its mouth across the pavement.

Some other shots made with the 70-300 VR:

I'm not into airplanes but I work at the airport so there you go. I have a handful more here. I'm more interested in the ditch where the flowers came from. Kildeer nest every year around our the office building. This one was shot with the 300/2.8 ais on a Nikon D70:

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