Oct 13, 2006

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant national parkSo I shortened my bike trip to have more time in Mont Tremblant park, the largest park in Québec.

I went home to get the big lens and tripod, hoping to capture some moose on film. No luck. On the other hand, I found plenty of deer hanging out along the road. Usually a female and her fawn, and one buck just as I was leaving the park for good.

I wasn't lucky with the colors either. The leaves in La Mauricie park had a yellowish green color but in Tremblant, they were gone with the wind!

The best moment happenned at night. Campsites are scattered along Monroe lake and I was camping at the "cyclo-camping", the second last site on the east side of the lake. The last site is a group campsite and was empty. Most sites were empty anyway. The cyclo-camping is only accessible by foot or bike (d'uh) so I'd eat at "La Bacagnole" picnic area, where I had a table next to the car.

I was sitting in the car relaxing with the windows open when I heard some faint howling near the northen end of the lake. I quickly packed my stuff and drove towards the howls. No luck. I tried howling myself. Nothing. I went to my tent and jumped in my sleeping bag. A few hours later, a loud howl woke me up. The wolf was so close I could hear the grain of his voice. I waited a few minutes and got up to try to see it. The rest of the pack was howling a little further so I jumped in the car and drove slowly. No luck again. I heard howling several times during the time. Once I was waken up by another howl... a loon. I also heard some large mammal near my tent. A dear or a wolf, I thought. I heard the last howl around 6am so I got up and tried to find them again. I howled but never was answered. About 500 meters from my campsite, I came across a bear. What a busy night!

Deer at Mont Tremblant national park

The morning air was cold. Perfect for photography. Since I was up early, I climbed up to the "La Roche" viewpoint on Monroe lake.

Lake Monroe from

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